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Best Nest Restaurant in Tulum

If you are trying to have dinner with the best sunset view I recommend you to go to Kanan Roof Top.

Kanan Hotel & Spa has a restaurant zone where you can arrived from 6:00 PM to enjoy a nice evening. This place has a perfect combination between price and quality. Servers were super nice, food whats amazing and the place was breathtaking.

Things you should know if you want to visit Kanan Restaurant.

  • You required a reservation (I did it the same day on the morning)

  • The minimum spend on food is 60 USD

Other places ask you for a 1000 MXN just to reserve the nest and a minimum spend on food of 100 USD.

This place made soo much sense for me in every way, if you come to Tulum this is a must.

- Jesu Vives -


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